Horn Mod Earrings

Horn Mod Earrings
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About how these products are made in Vietnam:

  • Our beneficiaries

We like to call them our kids, instead of orphans, or disabled children. It makes us feel closer to them, even though many of us Ivylish staff are not old enough to be parents ourselves. 
Some of our kids were abandoned after the loss of one or both parents.
Some of our kids were abandoned, as a result of unwanted pregnancy (including prostitution).
Some of our kids were abandoned when born with a medical (physical or mental) condition because their parents were either unsure of how to care for these sick babies or financially incapable to provide then with adequate care.
Regardless of their backgrounds, they have now become our kids, the beneficiaries of Ivylish and our partners, with an effort to help them build a future for themselves. 
Some of our kids are in our Arts and Crafts program. They are the very artisans behind the special pieces of Ivylish jewelry. 
Some of our kids take English and computer classes run by our supporters to get themselves ready for the ever-changing world outside of the orphanage.
Some of our kids are the proud recipients of our education fund, attending local universities to pursue their passion.
And yes, some of our kids (well, literally no longer kids) are now the caretakers or frequent supporters for other kids at Go Vap Orphanage. Ivylish believes that they are the best caretakers and mentors for other kids, because they understand best the challenges that one has to overcome to SHINE in this world.  

  • Our programs:

The Ivylish team frequently travels to Vietnam and dedicates part of the company profits to set up computer labs, provide English classes using interactive teaching methods, providing the kids with a practical learning environment that the kids might otherwise never have the chance to experience. We also work with local jewelry designers to teach the orphans how to make jewelry, which is featured on Ivylish website. These orphans have access to a much better education while developing life-long job skills.

     1. Teach Me to Fish Program

The Teach Me to Fish program provides scholarships to support orphans in Vietnam when they leave the orphanages at the age of 18 and start life on their own. The scholarship supports them with continuing education, vocational training, health care and living necessities.

      2.  Humanitours

A combination of humanitarianism and tourism, the HumaniTour offers a unique opportunity to go on a vacation and change lives. Each year 3-5 groups of 15-30 sweet souls make their ways from all sorts of places across the globes (U.S., U.K., the Netherlands, Germany, etc.) to Vietnam. The group often visits Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Ho Chi Minh City, to deliver the love and touch the lives of many kids at Hoa Phuong Orphanage, Thanh Xuan Peace Village, Go Vap Orphanage, Tu Du Peace Village, just to name a few.

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