• New Photography by Ian Boll

    Although from Massachusetts, Ian Boll has been living in Colorado for nine years after moving to Boulder to pursue a photography degree from CU.

    Since completion, he has spent much of the summer months exploring and documenting the uninhabited aesthetic of the western United States. He enjoys traveling mostly by truck on back roads, either camping or sleeping inside his vehicle.

    This past summer he made a trip to Oregon and back, this time on his motorcycle, sleeping in a hammock and making photographs along the way. He has long been attracted to the expansive west as a subject, this being in stark contrast to the thickly settled east coast where he grew up.

    Ian is a snowboarder and filmmaker during the winter months where his board and camera have taken him all over the US, Canada and as far as Kazakhstan.

    The photographs in this series were all taken in May 2015 with a Hasselblad camera and 50 ISO black & white film, in and just outside of Canyonlands National Park. Throughout his 15 years of shooting photographs he still prefers the analog process over digital.

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